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現代アート作家: Takayuki Matsumine / 松嶺貴幸


- 経 歴 -
World Art Dubai 2022 出展 / 2022

<個 展>
706 @ギャラリー・アイーナ in 岩手 - 2020
The Initial Bang in 渋谷- 2020
The Factors in 西麻布 – 2019
The Perfect Accident in 岩手 – 2018
View from The Broken Neck in 原宿 – 2018
The Power of Portrait in 岩手 – 2015

Art Summit in 西麻布– 2020
BLIND ROLD in ニューヨーク– 2019
Homo Futuris in 原宿 – 2019
Unify@浅草 – 2016

SHARING EXPRESSIONS – 2019 / Yahoo! Japan
KINTSUGI RELATION ART – 2019 / Yahoo! Japan
Metamorphose – 2018 / WHILL

New Balance / 「#進化する個性」キャンペーンモデル - 2017 
Red Bull / Wings for Life World Run オフィシャル・アンバサダー - 2016

RIZE / 20周年記念全国ツアー・オフィシャルグッズデザイン - 2017
沖縄琉球ゴールデンキングス / キングスクローゼット 内飾アートデザイン - 2017
Def Tech / 全国ツアーオフィシャルグッズデザイン - 2015, 2016
Red Bull / Wings for Life World Run Tシャツデザイン - 2015, 2016
24時間テレビ / チャリTシャツデザイン - 2015

HP: https://takayuki-m.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/takaarts/

<English Statements>
Takayuki Matsumine
1985 Born, Iwate, JAPAN

Born in Iwate prefecture of Japan, Takayuki Matsumine spent his childhood years surrounded by the abundant beauty of nature in Japanese suburbia, in an environment filled with vivid seasonal changes.

He was raised with rich inspiration to draw from nature and was also greatly influenced by his grandparents who were local traditional folk artists.
At the age of 16, a near fatal ski accident resulted in the injury destructing his cervical spinal cord. Life, thereon after changed dramatically.
He began to exist in a duality. Living between the desire to live and the gratitude, joy, and appreciation towards life, and on the other hand what felt was daily hardship and suffering. Yet these counter-opposite positions together within him ignited his artistic creations, fueling his motivation.

“After the near fatal accident, ordinary simply disappeared from my daily life. The mundane routines we take for granted were now brought to my consciousness.”

Through his daily unpredictable physical condition, and his new routines that encompassed no normalcy, as he had known, a new perception of what it means to live had surfaced.

“People experience life with their entire physical self. Because I was only left with the nerves and functions of my neck and above, I feel my senses are heightened.”
While his physical mobility was compromised from his neck down, it amplified the workings of his mind. His intellectual curiosity became limitless, from the small unnoticed things in life, such as your very own senses to cutting edge science and technology. His cycle of artistic and human evolution has been the findings of these new points of views, perceptions, absorbing them into his self, and repurposing them for his creative expression.

If the accident is what opened my mind and eyes to all that I now see, I may have to consider it a ‘perfect moment’.
Life and death is an eternal theme. Yet, it is within these two points that we exist, pulled by gravity, in the non-existing and ever-passing concept we call time. And the struggles one faces in the “now” is where Taka draws his inspirations and aspires to portray.

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